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Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale

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Visit our contact page and send us a quick inquiry about your wedding day. Once received, we will contact you immediately via Email or Phone call.
After we receive your inquiry, Zandre will set up an appointment time for you to discuss your wedding g day over a cup of cappuccino. Appointments can be either on the phone or in person.
Book Online
Once you have decided on the package you like you can book online in just a few clicks.
A Month before your wedding day you will receive a questionnaire to help your filmmakers prepare for your unique wedding day plans.
Wedding Day
On the day of your wedding the Cinastage Team will arrive early in the morning making sure nothing is missed. Capturing your beautiful day is what we live for and making sure we get the best possible shot is what we strive for in every single scene.
Film Development
Your film is officially in our post-production process! By far the most detailed part of your experience, this process can take any where from 2-6 Months. During this timeout, editors will keep you up to date with plenty of emails to keep you in the loop. Once your film is completed we send it to you on a very own private screening page.

The Best place to be is behind the memories that will last forever

CinaStage Studios
Making Memories Last
To be the No.1 Cinematic Wedding Videographer Platform in South Africa.
The Confluence Of Love
With all the emotions, tears and everything that makes a wedding day so special, we at Cinastage Studios endeavor to capture every moment.
Even those you might have missed.
We Accomplished
Achieve the best customization effect.
– Having a team of professionals living for These beautiful moments of new families formed, friendships coming together and instances that words just can’t describe…
– Using State of the art equipment to ensure top quality videography enabling us to do what most say is impossible.
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Why we do Weddings

We make memories last forever.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in capturing your moments differently. 
The way we do this is by making our wedding films not just about the day but about the experience. By capturing moments that soon fade to memories and having you relive every moment of your astonishing wedding day.


We just happen to make breathtaking wedding films.

What makes us different

We make memories last forever.

There is a wedding video out there that is different and those that film and capture them understand that capturing memories on video and photo means capturing what it really means to be human. That the Things you can’t buy are priceless.
That your wedding is worth more than the planning that went into it, and the evening of celebration.
This wedding video is different because the focus is not just the wedding but also the experience. It is one of the best experiences of a lifetime. When it quickly transforms from a moment to a memory.
A memory WE want to make make sure, “LASTS FOREVER”
These beautiful moments of new families formed, friendships comming together and instances that words just can’t describe are the reasons we live. This wedding video is different and when people see this wedding video, one that allows them to take in the experience in full and share it over and over again.
All they can say is “Thank You”.
Thank you for valuing our wedding,

What We Offer

We offer a large variety of packages and enhancement options, but each of our films come with the same foundation.

1. Full HD Cinematic Wedding Films
2. 5-10 Hours of Videography
3. 5-20 min Highlights Film
4. Arial Videography ( Optional )
5. Two Filmmakers

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CinaStage will make your memories last forever